Relaxing Retreat august 2020

Book your all-in relaxing retreat in beautiful Transylvania, and set yourself up for an amazing week. We have taken well care of everything, so you can just sit back… relax… and enjoy the ride. Unwind completely during a massage, go on a hike in the woods, enjoy excursions, eat good food, get a treatment, jump in the pool, etc. This week is all about taking care of yourself and getting to know this beautiful country. Book now, or make a down-payment to ensure your spot. Send an email to:


All packages include accommodation for seven nights and a healthy breakfast. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom, and the accommodation has a private swimming pool and even a hot-tub. The lunches and dinners at the location are guaranteed vegetarian, and from local and other Romanian or Hungarian recipes. You will always find fresh fruit and home-made lemonade at the location, and of course coffee, tea and water. You receive a standard relaxation massage as part of the package, with the opportunity to book more massages or other treatments.

On Sunday and Tuesday (and possibly Thursday, too), we have yoga sessions planned from a local teacher. We may also do some guided meditations, if people are interested. We’ve arranged transport from and to the airport. And on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we go on excursion. First we visit Cluj-Napoca itself. On Wednesday we drive up the Transfagarasan Highway and into the gorgeous Carpathian mountains. Finally, on Friday we go to the medieval fairy tale town of Sighisoara. Entry fees and other tickets or vignettes will all be taken care off.


All food and drinks outside of the location are for your own expenses. The same goes if you require transport (taxi) at your own initiative outside of the program. Btw… We don’t serve alcohol or sugary drinks at the location. But you can buy whatever you want yourself, and keep it in the fridge.

We can’t include flights to and from Cluj-Napoca. GOIN is not allowed by Romanian law to do that. There are also far too many options to choose from. And maybe you want to add a few days for yourself before the start of the retreat or afterwards. We also don’t include (travel) insurances. For EU-citizens, most insurances cover everything when you have European coverage.

As mentioned, a massage is included, but you can book extra massages and/or other treatments for a fair price. We offer lymphatic drainage, foot reflex, dynamic massage, facial masks, etc.

What you need and just good to know

You don’t need any visa for Romania. Romania is part of the EU, so all EU-citizens are free to travel, anyway. If you have a permanent travel insurance, the European coverage is enough for Romania. You don’t need any vaccine or hepatitis shot. Internet is quick in Romania, especially in Cluj-Napoca, and free Wi-Fi is often available everywhere. There is Wi-Fi at the location, anyway. Most European phone subscriptions include coverage in the whole of Europa, so also here. If you only have national coverage for your subscription, the general European costs will apply. The country code is +40.

Romania does not use the euro (although some people will be happy to get paid in euros). The Romanian lei is going up and down quite a lot, but on average you’ll get 4,80 lei for 1 euro. Easiest is to calculate with 5 lei for 1 euro and then round it down a bit. People don’t always expect tips, but they will definitely appreciate one, e.g. taxi drivers. In bars and restaurants it is customary (but not mandatory) to tip around 10%. Since food and drinks are cheap but good, and wages are low, I encourage you to tip well. It can make a lot of difference for people.

Most people speak proper English, although they’ll be modest about it. And even if they don’t, Romanians are very friendly and will be happy to help you. Summers in Transylvania are pretty hot and dry. But because of its position in the Carpathian mountains, the weather can change quickly and unexpectedly. If you go on a hike, make sure to bring extra water and at least some extra clothing or cover.

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Registration and payment:

Please register by sending email to There is a limited number of places for this retreat, so we won’t have too big of a group. If too many people register, I will create a waiting list, and let people know. When you make the payment, you ensure yourself of a spot. If you need to discuss the payment (like using instalments), please email me or call me at 0031652650670. To make your payment now, go to this page for details.

The costs for this retreat are:
basic package: €995 each (shared room with private bathroom)
singe room: €1195 each (private room with private bathroom)
double bed: €795 each (shared room, shared bed, private bathroom)