Payment details

So, you’ve decided to go with GOIN… that is awesome! We will do our very best to make this an experience you will never forget. GOIN is all about your journey…!! Thank you for putting your trust in us. This page tells you all about the details concerning any payment you make to GOIN.

There are basically two ways to make a payment… either via direct bank transfer, or via PayPal. For bank transfers, please use the details below. And if you prefer PayPal, I will send a link to your email address.

Name: GOIN Travels S.R.L.
IBAN: RO51 PIRB 1300 7857 1100 1000
(Taietura Turcului 11, apartment 19, Cluj-Napoca, jud Cluj, Romania)

Please make sure you mention your name(s), what the payment is for, and a payment/order number – if I give you one. Do not make the payment out to my personal name, because that will (probably) not be accepted. The IBAN, name, and BIC/Swift code together should be enough for the payment to work. Some banks also ask for an address of the beneficiary. If so, use the address above. If your bank needs more details, please let me know, so I can provide any extra details.

General payment procedure

The basics is that you pay for what you buy, simple as that. But there may be some details (like instalments) you want to discuss in advance. Therefore, the exact procedure is ‘anything you and I agree on via email or phone’. When you’re interested in a retreat or a holiday, we will communicate back and forth via email anyway. During that communication, we talk about the payment procedure at some point.

You then make the entire payment, or you pay in instalments. Depending on the type of service, there can be a down-payment. I will only use this, when I have to pay for things ahead of time. So, if you have to cancel and I have already made expenses, GOIN has the right keep the down-payment (of max. 20% of the entire sum) as compensation for the expenses. So, you get a refund of what you paid, minus (part of) the down-payment. You will receive a full refund when I haven’t made any expenses in advance.

I will confirm your payment as soon as I receive it in the account (either bank or PayPal). If you have to cancel before the retreat or holiday, I will refund the money to the same account you used for your payment to GOIN. Unless we have agreed on something else. However, if you cancel at the last moment, regardless the reason, a refund will be difficult. We will have to discuss what is best, if and when that happens. When GOIN has to cancel a retreat or holiday, you will always get a full refund, even if I’ve already made expenses.

Covid-19 measures

As we’ve seen all over the world in 2020, things can change rapidly concerning measures against covid-19. GOIN is not afraid of any virus, but we will follow the mandatory guidelines from the national and local government anyway. Like wearing a mask in certain places, for instance, or specific measures when we’re on excursion. It may be that there are other rules in your home country, be them stricter or not. But, if Romanian, New Zealand or local authorities demand certain measures, we will follow those rules. And I expect you to do the same.

If an activity (or even an entire event) is cancelled at the last moment because of such measures, we will have to find a solution together. It’s just impossible for me to plan for all eventualities. In the end, neither of us wants to be a victim of circumstances that can unexpectedly change worldwide. If something happens, GOIN has to follow the guidelines from (local) authorities. And for the rest, to be honest, I guess you’ll have to trust me. I don’t want to put everything into complicated texts with important sounding words. Those texts are often so formal, that only lawyers know what they mean. But you and I should focus on a relaxing time, not making liability agreements out of fear for each other.