Spiritual New Zealand guided holiday

Update July 2020: CANCELLED

Due to the covid-19 measures, we have decided to cancel this great holiday until further notice. With the current measures, and what we expect the measures will be like in 6 to 12 months, it is not possible to organize anything.

New Zealand borders are closed for all tourists. The people that do get in (residents stuck abroad, family, temporary workers), have to go into a self-paid quarantine for two weeks. Even if these measures are lifted by November 2020 (which is highly unlikely in itself), we can’t run the risk of you getting stuck at the border, or not being able to leave the country.

The holiday will be back when there is more certainty what the future measures will be like. Only then will we be able to assess what we can and what we can’t do. Please stay in touch if you want to be informed about new dates, or if you have any other questions or ideas. Just send an e-mail to: info@gointravels.com

11 November - 2 or 9 December 2020 (3 or 4 week tour)

This guided tour with a spiritual touch starts on 11-11-2020 in Auckland. The trip is for a small group of max. 5 people. The tour includes all accommodation, excursions, transport, and a guide who takes care of everything.
The tour lets us meet Maori legends and visits places with high energy. We visit touristic highlights, like Rotorua, Waitomo, and Abel Tasman NP. But we also go ‘off the beaten track’, hike into nature, and seek some spiritual awe.
Package prices are not yet final. The corona crisis has made things uncertain, so we may have to adjust the program. Exact prices also depend on your personal wishes. The estimated package price starts at around €1995. Send an email to holidays@gointravels.com to register for this awesome holiday!
(NB: Dates are flexible with a few days, depending on what the group wants. Also, by skipping the week on the south island, we can turn this into a 2 or 3 week tour)

Going to New Zealand... a choice you'll never regret!

Whatever your personal reasons are to visit New Zealand… you are making the right decision. I have yet to come across anyone who wasn’t blown away by the country. The Spiritual New Zealand guided holiday is the perfect mix of enjoying unspoiled nature, freedom and the excitement of the most beautiful country on earth… with a  profound spiritual touch. For many people, travelling to New Zealand means going to literally the other side of the world. That in itself already emphasizes how special this journey is. It is why many people consider this trip to be the holiday of a lifetime. This is something some of us have been saving for and looking forward to, for many years!

You can find all sorts of holidays on-line, both guided and non-guided. And everything looks so good. How do you choose? Some people choose to just travel over there and ‘see what happens’. If that works for you, please do that! And I’d be happy to help you with some ideas. The country is perfect for people who let chance (or the bus) take them to… well, wherever they end up. I travelled many times like that. As GOIN, I use that experience to put together trips for people like you. I’ll take you to some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. But this guided tour also takes you off the beaten track from time to time. And it combines travelling with a spiritual experience. It is my goal and my passion to create a unique experience for you. And I hope you return home a different person…

My personal New Zealand experiences

After I started a process of becoming spiritual aware, I found myself feeling energies… not just of people, but also animals, trees, and specifically the land. Travelling across New Zealand, I was influenced by places of high energy. Those places felt different to me, they had an almost magnetic attraction. When I spoke to a Maori guide about that, he smiled and said that I could have Maori blood. Seeing my confused face, he explained that the places I had mentioned, are all places known by Maori as “places of energy”. Some of those are sacred ground, and some are left alone to keep the balance between man and nature. It is to these places of energy, that I want to take you during this holiday. It covers some touristic sights, but also places where we may find ourselves to be the only ones there.

The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, meaning: “land of the long white cloud”. These clouds must have been the first thing sailors saw when crossing the Pacific in search of new lands. European (mostly Brittish) settlers saw the economic opportunities of the land for agriculture and mining. But the Maori recognized the spiritual and even psychological connection. Part of that relationship is reflected in the stories Maori tell about its history. The most important difference, however, is the way both peoples live with the lands. Where Europeans (I’m generalizing a bit here) used the land for profit, Maori live in balance and harmony. They also don’t use (much) more than they need. Nowadays, New Zealand has the most progressive conservational laws. This way of life, and how everybody uses the land and waters, is even recorded in its constitution.

Choosing Spiritual New Zealand

I would be very happy if you choose to go with us on this guided tour. It is my goal to share my passion and love for this country, and its position in relation to nature. Some of the places I choose to visit, you may not easily find in other programs. They are my choice, based on personal experience, and with a line/link between places we’ll visit along our path. The Maori legend of Mount Taranaki is connected with the Tongariro Crossing, for instance. Our first day (Coromandel) has a relation with our last day (Waipouha). And Hawkes Bay links to Tasman Bay, as well as Bay of Islands, but for completely different reasons. I like this route  very much and I am sure that you will too.

Once you register for this holiday, I’ll send you a detailed day-to-day travel plan. The trip takes us more than 3000 kilometers across large parts of the north island and a bit of the south island. We travel by bus, ferry, and (if all goes well) a domestic flight. There are a few excursions planned, but there is also plenty of free time. We stay in different types of accommodation, varying from basic (which is still good) to a luxury eco-resort. The route is pretty much settled, but we can shift with the accommodation, depending on everybody’s needs and demands. I’ll make a few suggestions for activities. Nothing is mandatory, though, and you are free to follow your own ideas as well.

NB: during the first edition of this trip, we have the opportunity to skip the south island, shortening the entire holiday with a week. This would give the opportunity to make it into a 2 – 3 week tour. Travelling with a small group has advantages, for that matter. However, any changes to the program must be agreed by everyone.

Itinerary for Spiritual New Zealand – guided tour:

    • Auckland -> Coromandel (ferry): Coromandel Town; great coastal walkway; Whitianga; hot water beach
    • Coromandel -> Rotorua (bus): Kuirau Park; Wai-O-Tapu geothermal wonderland; Tamaki Maori Village
    • Rotorua -> Taupo (bus): Boat trip Lake Taupo; bungee jump (?); Huka Falls; Tongariro Crossing (hopefully)
    • Taupo -> Napier (bus): Art deco town (+tour?); wine (or beer) trail, or hiking around Cape Kidnappers
    • Napier -> Wellington (bus): City trip (touristic tour); Te Papa Tongarewa; Queens Wharf; day off
    • Wellington -*> Kaikoura (ferry + bus): Whale watch; swimming with the dolphins; peninsula hike
    • Kaikoura -*> Nelson (bus): Centre of New Zealand; biking along the Tasman Bay; Pic’s; craft beers; day off
    • Nelson -*> Kaiteriteri (bus + water taxi): Day hike in Abel Tasman National Park; eco-resort; mountain bike
    • ATNP/Nelson -*> New Plymouth (domestic flight): Mount Taranaki; Mangamahoe park
    • New Plymouth -> Waitomo (bus): Glow-worm caves; hiking Ruakuri, Mangapohue and/or Marakopa Falls
    • Waitomo -**> Paihia (bus): Bay of Islands; night boat cruise; Waitangi (treaty grounds); Russell town
    • Paihia -> Kaitaia (bus): Excursion Cape Reinga; Spirits Bay; Ninety Mile Beach; sand dune surfing (?)
    • Kaitaia -> Waipouha (bus): Kauri trees forest (Warara, Puketi, Waipouha); kiwi sanctuary
    • Waipouha -> Auckland (bus): Last day-and-a-half free (you choose where you will spend it)

* If we skip this week on the south island, the trip becomes 2 or 3 week tour. This may be more comfortable for some. If this is the wish of the group, I can easily arrange this. It’ll also make the trip quite a lot cheaper, btw.
** During the bus trip on day 21, we pass through Auckland. People who’ve chosen the 3 week tour, will leave us here at Auckland Airport, while the rest of the group continues north to the Bay of Islands for one more wondrous week.

Downpayment Spiritual New Zealand

What you need to know before you go

I can’t yet determine final package prices for this holiday. The corona crisis has made many things uncertain and some options might not be available, either temporary or permanently. For instance, I don’t know if all accommodation will still be open, and under what circumstances. Also, travelling to and through the country will have extra restrictions for tourists. I don’t know yet what this will mean for you, personally. It might depend on the country you are from, or countries you have recently visited or travelled through.

I can only promise you, that I will do my very best to have clarity as soon as possible. Also, I will help you arrange everything that needs to be done. Since I don’t want make promises I cannot keep, I don’t advertise with low prices now, to later add all sorts of (hidden) costs to that price. I prefer honesty, even if that is a bit inconvenient. And of course, also individual adjustments and/or additions can be made. Anything can be discussed.

All packages include accommodation (20 or 27 nights – unless if we take a shorter trip by cutting the south island). Transport is also included, plus excursions in the program. Accommodation is based on a shared room with single beds (unless you travel as a couple). A single room is possible for a surcharge. Transport will be in a van, or transporter. Transport also includes trips with a ferry, rental bikes, and park fees. Finally, a domestic flight will be included, but details on that depend on the final program. Excursions are not mandatory, but I will only change such a part of the program, if everyone agrees. Finally, the guide is included… me! I will be at your disposal 24/7. I’ll also provide (background) information, tips and ideas about the places we visit, and probably a story or two.

Please note that packages can never include return flights to New Zealand. Any insurance is also not included. GOIN is legally not allowed to sell tickets and insurances, but I can advise and assist with the booking process. I can also make other arrangements, if you wish, like extra time before or after the holiday. All meals are for your own account (unless included at the accommodation). I don’t want to decide for you what you can or can not eat.

For any questions or inquiries, or to register for this holiday, please email me at: holidays@gointravels.com. For details on the payment, check this page.

Btw… If you like the itinerary, but prefer to travel alone, check out GOIN’s self-drive tours. And with a few personal tweaks and twists, I can even transform it into a custom-made holiday. Like I said… anything can be discussed!

NB: New Zealand is a country that has extreme weather conditions from time to time. Therefore, the exact program can change due to unforeseen circumstances (roads closed, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc) – or to avoid exactly those dangerous situations. And, needless to say, these unforeseen circumstances also include new corona restrictions. Should anything happen, a suitable alternative will have to be arranged on the spot.