Customized holiday New Zealand

Update July 2020: CANCELLED

Due to the covid-19 measures, we have decided to cancel all holidays until further notice. With the current measures, and what we expect the measures will be like in 6 to 12 months, it is not possible to organize anything.

New Zealand borders are closed for all tourists. People that do get in (residents stuck abroad, family, temporary workers), have to go into a self-paid quarantine for two weeks. And even if all that is lifted by the time summer season starts in New Zealand (which is unlikely in itself), we just can’t run the risk of you getting stuck at the border, or not being able to leave the country.

The holidays will be back when there is more certainty what the future measures will be like. We will adept to the new circumstances. Only then will we be able to assess what we can and what we can’t do. Please stay in touch if you want to be informed about new possibilities, or if you have any other questions or ideas. Just send an e-mail to:

Let's create your personal journey

With all information you’ve found on-line, or from specific wishes you have, maybe none of the self-drive routes GOIN can offer you, really suits what you want or need. Working out a route, finding all information, making bookings, arranging everything in advance… it takes lots of time and knowledge. GOIN can help you with that… we create your very own customized holiday to New Zealand.

We talk via Skype and discuss everything I need to know about your ideas, wishes, desires, etc. What works for you, do you like hiking and for how long, what kind of accommodation do you want or need, are there special activities you want to do (btw, if you want to do crazy stuff, New Zealand is the place for you), and… what timeframe and budget can I work with? We talk, I work out and present, we modify, you decide, I arrange, you’re off… easy as!

Getting around in New Zealand

Many people decide to discover New Zealand by car, but that’s not an option for everyone. Maybe you don’t have a driving license, or you’re not comfortable with driving on the left side of the road. And perhaps you simply don’t want to drive thousands of kilometers at all. It’s your holiday, after all, and spending hours in a car is not very relaxing. Alo, let’s be honest… it’s better for the environment to use public transport.

Now, “public tranport” is a big word in New Zealand. The bigger places have public transport within city limits and there are a few train lines… But between most places, you won’t really find anything. There are the touristic hop-on-hop-off busses. They are a great way to travel for backpackers between major touristic places. But when you pass a certain age, the party busses with adrenaline craving teenagers become rather annoying and tiring.

There are a few busroutes you can choose, that’ll take you to more places for a few dollars more. I personally used Intercity a lot. I bought a card for a specific amount of hours and booked everything on-line or via their app. It’s all calculated in hours (remember… in New Zealand you don’t calculate in kilometers, but in travel time). The Intercity network is much more detailed than the hop-on-hop-off busses. Also, these hop-on-hop-off busses strive for a full load for every trip. When everything is fully booked in high season, you may find yourself stranded somewhere without any bus for days. Intercity works on a daily base and is more flexible for that matter.

We create your ideal route together

When you do have a car, though, we have all sorts of options. GOIN knows ome very beautiful places that are somewhat off the beaten track. But tourism will always be New Zealand’s number one industry. So, we can find the best places for anyone and for any budget. GOIN:

– knows all sorts of interesting place you won’t easily find anywhere else
– knows about travel times and circumstances, advising you honestly and to the point
– makes sure to find out what you like and what you want, before putting together a route
– has lots of interesting tips and ideas about activities and places to visit

Send an email for more info: