GOIN Travels is all about your journey… Join us on one of our themed all-inclusive retreats in Transylvania. The events offer excursions, good food and several activities. We also have guided and self-drive holidays to New Zealand. Our routes visit many highlights, but will also take you off the beaten path. Check the agenda below, and scroll down to read more about GOIN Travels.

Upcoming events:


Due to the covid-19 measures, GOIN Travels has decided to cancel all activities until further notice. With current measures in Europe (specifically Romania) and New Zealand, and with uncertain expectations for the near future, it has become impossible to organize anything.

Measures in Europe are more about politics, than about ‘health and safety’. Also, restrictions seem to be arbitrary, changing every week. In New Zealand, measures are extremely strict, basically closing the country down completely for at least a year. Now, we can’t do anything without direct flights and travel insurance. And with randomly changing travel advices and ridiculous measures, we simply can’t take the risk of people being forced into quarantine, or getting stuck at borders without being able to enter or leave.

So, we’ve cancelled all events for 2020. We will return when we have some insight in the near future. Only then will we be able to assess what we can and can not do. By then, there will also be a new website. We take this opportunity to go back to the drawing board and rethink it all, before we return with more great ideas. Please stay in touch if you want to know more, or if you have any questions or suggestions. Send me an email via: info@gointravels.com

We speak: English, Dutch, Romanian, Hungarian, and some German
(plus a few words in French, Spanish and Russian)

To travel is to live

We can not travel and return home the same person we were when we left… we are forever changed by what we do and experience.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart… for much of who we are, comes from where we’ve been.

The road is there, and it will always be there… all you have to do, is decide when to take it.

Welcome to GOIN Travels

The name GOIN comes from GOIN’ to the outside world – for a holiday or retreat, to travel. And to the inside world, to GO IN for a spiritual journey. These internal and external journeys are not just a coincidental parallel. They are profoundly related. After all, everything is connected!

I love to travel and I’ve seen some pretty amazing places in the world. Now, it’s time for me to share my passion and experiences. Part of my heart is forever lost in New Zealand. Travel with me as GOIN Holidays to experience “the most beautiful country in the world”. Another part of my heart is happy in Cluj-Napoca. Here, I organize themed retreats as GOIN Retreats and let you dive into the mysterious beauty of Transylvania.

In my spiritual journey, I went through some dark places. Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I learned how to understand and protect myself. I’ve build a new relationship with myself, my past, and the world around me. As GO-IN Coaching, I can coach and guide you on your own journey.


GOIN organizes (themed) retreats in Transylvania, probably the most beautiful part of Europe. The region is still largely undiscovered and unspoiled by mass-tourism.


GOIN offers self-drive and guided holidays. They take you to the highlights, but also less beaten tracks of the most beautiful country on earth: New Zealand.


We take the journey of self-discovery with us forever. As a HSP myself, and from own experiences, GO-IN guides, helps and coaches you on your own path.

"It's better to see something once... than to hear about it a thousand times"

So, you’ve always dreamed of making that big trip, the journey of a life time to New Zealand… a country that seems too beautiful to be real. What has held you back so far? Are you ready to take that step now?

Then… tell me your excuses, and I will tell you why they’re wrong. Tell me your dreams, and I will tell you how they will come true. Tell me your wishes and needs, and I will turn them into your own travel plan.

GOIN organizes a guided tour across New Zealand for a small group and with a spiritual theme. We also have self-drive tours. And we create individual travel plans, customized to every wish, need, and budget.

We know all the touristic places, and we will show them to you… but we also take you on the less beaten path. That is where the fun starts… that is where your own experience becomes your dream come true!


Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… are you ready to take yours?

Travelling with GOIN

  • Takes you off the beaten path on a profound and personal(ized) experience
  • Challenges you to think not inside nor outside the box, but to throw the entire box away
  • Opens new paths, even new ways of thinking, expanding your view on life and the world
  • Guides you on your travels and helps you to make the decisions to go left or right

The mysterious beauty of Transylvania

Many  people will have heard of Transylvania, but few can tell you more than just Dracula. That’s a shame, because this region is possibly the most beautiful partof Europe. Surrounded by the Carpathians, it is rich in unspoiled nature, history, and culture. Here you can find the last primeval of Europe. Travelling through Transylvania, you feel the ages engraved in the landscape, and you’ll feel its powerful, mysterious energy.

Cluj-Napoca, the third largest city in Romania, is considered “the unofficial capital” of Transylvania. This is GOIN’s home base. From here we organize retreats, often with specific themes. We combine these themes with excursions, hiking, home-made vegetarian food, and lots of time for you to relax and enjoy the area. Regardless if you join us for a long weekend or a week of massage, you will return home a revived person.


Travel is more than the seeing of sights… it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

A retreat with GOIN

  • is about experiencing the beauty and the rich cultural history of amazing Transylvania
  • invites you to meet like-minded people, and challenges you to expand your own horizon
  • invites you to taste new dishes and flavours from a delicious regional kitchen
  • means that everything (and everyone) is well taken care of… all you need to do, is relax

Upcoming events:

The only way out is in

Many people “wake up” at some point from the life they lead… feeling the need for a profound change. With busy lives, unrealistic expectations, and a society that is not kind to these feelings and needs, people often end up ignoring their intuition. They avoid conflicts, delay decisions, come up with excuses, even when they suffer deeply from what this does to their physical and mental health. They don’t go though the changes that (deep down) they know they should make. That feeling never really goes away…

Especially Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP’s) run into this at some point in their life. Many HSP’s feel they don’t truly belong where they are. They literally feel more and deeper than others. And they know there is more than what they were taught in school. Many HSP’s get to the start of spiritual awakening. With the world changing… more people wake up and just “know” it’s time for something different, something real.

Well… you are not alone!! Your feelings are real and they’re shared by many others. Awakenings are often painful and messy. Feelings of loneliness, frustration, even despair, are very common. So, many are scared off. For those who do go on… it never stops and life will never be the same again. That’s not a warning, it’s a promise! Who would want to go back when things finally start making sense? Even though you have to go through the process alone, it doesn’t mean you can’t receive any help. That’s why I’m here for you…


You have to let go of everything you think you are, in order te become who you were truly meant to be.

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